Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meeting Jaelyn again and a first party night of Wii.

We met up with Janice and Joseph last friday. Almost 7 months since we last met as Janice went to the U.S with their daughter Jaelyn for 3 months shortly after April and then mum was here visiting and so the time just flew by. Wow has little cutie Jaelyn grown! Her hair's much longer now and she has much more responses too!

Dinner was at aunty's (Wah Kee) in Clayton as they had to find a "baby-friendly" place. Jaelyn was actually pretty good and sat quietly during the course of dinner. Her favourite was her plastic spoon which she held on to it tightly for the whole time we were there. I tried feeding her and she looked relunctant at first, but eventually gave in. :)
It was only after dinner when the hours went by as we chatted did Jaelyn get a little bored and wanted to move about. So we took turns carrying her to watch the fishes in the tank while the guys chatted. And Aunty took out a toy mat puzzle for her to play with. You can see Tubby in training above. She seemed to have taken an instant liking to him!

On Saturday, we also finally met up with busy-guy Wangwei, Khim and Ellen again. Daniel bro also joined us as it was his last weekend before he flew back to Singapore.

Dinner was "all you can eat" at this Hot Pot restaurant in Glen Waverley and it was yummy! You get two choices of soup base: spicy and normal flavoured. Certainly good for that cold rainy day! After that we retreated to our little hut for some Wii gaming!
You can tell all of us were pretty much engrossed in it except for Ellen who watched from the side. Also being a Lego fan, she preferred to look through my Lego stuff or play with Jasper. We tried getting her to join us in some of the games but she just wasn't into it.

The boys really got into it when we were playing Virtual Tennis, they were literally up and about jumping here and there, especially Khim. And it was just such joy to watch when people have fun! The night ended around 11pm-ish as Khim and Ellen still had to drive all the way back to Pakenham. So that was a pretty fun-filled weekend for us.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chinese Museum and Mum's return to Malaysia.

Mum just flew back from her 3-month Melbourne trip on Saturday. And so I took a couple of days leave before she left to spend time with her. We did the usual shopping, had afternoon tea together etc. But one of the more significant ones included a trip to the Chinese Museum in the city.

As funny as it sounds, "Chinese visiting a Chinese Museum", I still think that sometimes we need to remember our roots and not forget about our history. In this case it was also about how the chinese from other parts of the world came to live in Melbourne. We were also treated to a Acrobatic, Performing Arts and Magic show which happened to be on that time.

Lady pouring water from a magazine

The inter-change masks act

Acrobatic wheel toss/juggle

The funny M.C who tried some tricks

Acrobatic vase juggling

Terracotta Warrior

Traditional Wedding Dress

One of the longest Dragons in Victoria

We had a great time that day. There was also a group of kids on a trip and boy were we impressed at them counting numbers in mandarin. One caucasian traveller there also speaked very fluent chinese - I think definitely better than Tubby's!

On the day Mum flew off, we had lunch and decided to head towards the airport earlier to avoid any traffic jams or delays. It was raining and we had tea at Villa Hut at the Essendon DFO. I also managed to quickly snagged a Country Road scarf and a Ralph Lauren Polo tee - courtesy of Tubby. :) Till we meet again in April mum, loving and missing you. *hugs*